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Guides empower learners. Through coaching and mentorship, you connect with students to spark creativity and kindle a love of learning.

A Career Like No Other

But I’m not a teacher!

If you mean you don’t have a teaching certificate, that’s okay. We don’t require a teaching license or a degree to be a guide. If you love helping kids, we can help you become a guide.

Is this Online or In-Person?

Both. We need caring guides to help online and in-person. And whether you prefer working from your laptop or your living room, we’ll be there… well not in your kitchen, but behind the scenes with lots of support and virtual high-fives.

Truly the Most Flexible Job You Could Ask For

Customize Your Class

Desks or sofas? Chalkboards or laptops? There’s more than one way to organize a class. Get creative. Make it fun. Make it yours.

Set Your Schedule

Guides and students meet for 20 hours a week. Create a schedule that works for you. And why not? It’s your class.

Invite Students

Pick your grades, invite your students. Yes, you can include your own kids. We can send you interested families too.


Guides earn $200 per student per month. Cha-ching. Because even Superhero Rockstar Life-Changing Ninjas have bills.

“I love seeing kids take charge of their own goals and realize they can learn anything they want.”
- Robert K., gilbert, AZ Guide
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*Note: In Person guides for grades K-8 will be referred to Prenda our microschool partner