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Recommended Class

Online Math

Our Online Summer School Math Class helps Students conquer Math at an accelerated pace. With the care and support of a Guide, students cover 25% of their yearly Math content every 2 weeks. It’s kind of like a boot camp for Math, but without all the yelling.

Recommended Class

Summer P.E.

This 2-week blend of physical, mental, and emotional wellness meets students right where they’re at. No awkward gym class, students simply set and track personal goals with the help and support of an online guide.  You’ll love it!


Have Summer School Questions?

We've Got Answers

Can I attend Freedom Prep just for summer school?

Yes. Students who do not plan to attend Freedom Prep in the Fall are welcome to join us for Summer School. We can even transfer any credits they earn to the district or charter of your choice.

How far should my student advance in her Math class each week?

Students aim to complete 25% of their grade level math content in 2-weeks. This breaks down to about 12-13% progress per week (or about 3% progress per day if following a 4-day/week schedule).

How many hours should my student expect to commit per week?

We recommend 28 hours per week for best results. Most students meet this by following our Summer School schedule of 4-days per week, 7 hours per day.

My child is already doing a club sport. Can we use those hours for class?

Yes. No need to double up workouts. If your child is in soccer, cross country, football, swimming, dance, or another sport or athletic activity, you can apply those hours toward their PE class.

Can I adjust my schedule as long as I meet the total weekly hours?

Yes. Our weekly calendar is a recommended guideline. If you prefer a different schedule, feel free to make your own.

If we are traveling or on vacation outside of Arizona, can we still log hours?

Yes. Students can log, and parents can approve, personal hours online. This can be done online or on our mobile app anywhere with an Internet connection.

Do I have to sign up for all 4 summer sessions?

No. Students can sign up for a single 2-week session or multiple. Your choice.

Do I need to unenroll my child from his regular school to attend Freedom Prep's summer school?

No. Students enrolling in Summer school after June 1 do not need to un-enroll from their regular district or charter school.

My student missed the end of her class due to COVID. Should she retake that?

In most cases, we recommend students finish their last year’s content before advancing to the next to avoid learning gaps. Our guides will help ensure students are properly placed.

Are the guided Math classes required?

No, but they are strongly recommended. Students who regularly attend Live Connects perform much better than those who don’t.

Do I need a laptop and Internet access?

Yes. Students need a laptop or a Chromebook and reliable access to the Internet to attend our online summer school sessions.

Can I attend class with a friend?

Yes. We encourage it! Having a friend or family member join with you adds an extra layer of accountability and support.

How Do I Start?

Apply today, start as soon as tomorrow.
Simply complete a 10 question survey to see if distance learning is right for you. We’ll send you our online admissions application. Fill that out, and we’ll take care of the rest. Keep an eye out for an email from your guide who'll schedule a personal welcome call and get you set up for class.
Let the Freedom begin.​