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Freedom Learning Centers provide students a safe and supportive environment to learn, socialize, and achieve at their own pace.
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THE Learning Center ADVANTAGE


Not a campus, not a homeschool, but perfectly in between. Many students who have felt lost on large campuses or struggled with online schooling have flourished in our learning centers. Designed for online students to meet and collaborate, a learning center is a great space for all students and ages .

Structure, Freedom & Fun with Onsite Care & Support ​

In-Person Support

Stuck on algebra? Confused with chemistry? Need encouragement? Find support and mentorship from our learning center Teachers and Guides.

Group Activities

Field trips, service projects, science experiments, sports, art, and music are just some of the group activities students enjoy at our learning centers.

Health & Fitness

We’ve partnered with state of the art fitness centers, where our students can dance, play basketball, rock climb, hit softballs, and more! Because health matters.

No Absences
Or Tardies

Going on vacation? Need a personal day? No problem. We don’t count absences or tardies. Participation can be met anytime, anywhere.

“I love seeing kids take charge of their own goals and realize they can learn anything they want.”
- Kris K., gilbert, AZ Guide

Join Us Onsite at Our LEarning & Fitness Centers

Freedom Prep Academy Learning Center Gilbert

Structure & Play

Gilbert Learning Center

Our Gilbert Learning Center is located at Power & Elliot. Students connect Tues, Wed, and Thurs with Teachers and Guides to set goals, conquer tasks, and collaborate with peers for the ideal blend of learning and socialization. Optimal for elementary school students, with low student to teacher ratios. Limited space available. Online students and visitors welcome.

Support & Athletics

Mesa Learning Center

Our Mesa Learning Center is located at Ellsworth & Pecos. Students convene Tues, Wed, and Thurs with Teachers and Guides to set and achieve goals, conquer tasks, and collaborate with peers for the perfect balance of autonomy, organization, and guidance. Optimal for middle and high school students. Space is limited, but online students and visitors are always welcome.

Have Questions?

We've Got Answers

My student attends online from home. Can she also use the learning center?

Yes. Our learning centers are designed to provide in-person support to online students.

Does my student need to attend daily?

No. Attendance is not mandatory. Learning centers are there for you.

Can I work independently at the learning center?

Yes. One great feature of our online classes is that you can take them with you. So plan that trip, book your flight, and explore the world.

Can I attend any of the available learning centers?

Yes. Older students may feel more comfortable at the Mesa Learning Center, while the Gilbert Learning Center is optimal for younger students. But they may attend either one.

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Gilbert Learning Center
Freedom Prep Gilbert Learning Center Alternative School K-12

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