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High School Honors, College Prep, and AP courses now available!
Note: We are currently only serving grades 7-12. More grades coming soon.
·        E Kindergarten Math·        HS AP Computer Science Principles
·        E Grade 1 Math·        HS AP Computer Science
·        E Grade 2 Math·        HS Intro to Accounting
·        E Grade 3 Math·        HS Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance
·        E Grade 4 Math·        HS Business Management
·        E Grade 5 Math·        HS Information Management 1
·        MS Grade 6 Math·        HS Information Management 2
·        MS Grade 7 Math·        HS U.S. Agriculture
·        MS Grade 8 Math·        HS Plumbing Technology 1
·        HS Algebra 1·        HS Plumbing Technology 2
·        HS Geometry·        HS Electrical Technology 1
·        HS Algebra II·        HS Electrical Technology 2
·        HS Trigonometry·        HS HVAC-R 1
·        HS AP Calculus·        HS HVAC-R 2
·        HS AP StatisticsARTS
SCIENCE·        MS Foundations of Music
·        E Kindergarten Science·        MS Intro to Coding 1
·        E Grade 1 Science·        MS Intro to Coding 2
·        E Grade 2 Science·        MS Health and Nutrition
·        E Grade 3 Science·        HS AP Studio Art
·        E Grade 4 Science·        HS AP Music Theory
·        E Grade 5 Science·        HS Music Appreciation
·        MS Grade 6 Science·        HS Spanish 1
·        MS Basic Science Concepts 1·        HS Spanish 2
·        MS Basic Science Concepts 2·        HS Spanish 3
·        MS Earth Science·        HS French 1
·        MS Life Science·        HS French 2
·        HS General Chemistry·        HS German 1
·        HS Honors Chemistry·        HS German 2
·        HS AP Chemistry·        HS Emotional, Social, and Physical (ESP) Education
·        HS General Biology·        HS Health and Nutrition
·        HS Honors Biology·        HS AP Psychology
·        HS AP BiologyComputer Science 1 (Cyber)
·        HS General Physics·        Information Systems Fundamentals
·        HS Honors Physics·        Personal Computer Hardware Support
·        HS AP Physics·        Intro to C/C++
·        HS Physical Science·        C++ Programming II
·        HS Environmental Science·        Video Communication Fundamentals®
·        HS AP Environmental Science·        Fundamentals of Networking
·        HS Human Anatomy and Medical Terminology·        Wireless Networking Concepts
ELA·        Fundamentals of Cyber Security and Cryptography
·        E Kindergarten Language Arts/Reading·        Fundamentals Of SSCP®
·        E Grade 1 Language Arts/ReadingComputer Science 2 (Digital Arts)
·        E Grade 2 Language Arts/Reading·        Intro to Electronic Publishing and Graphic Arts
·        E Grade 3 Language Arts/Reading·        Electronic Publishing With Indesign®
·        E Grade 4 Language Arts/Reading·        Image Editing With Photoshop® A
·        E Grade 5 Language Arts/Reading·        Image Editing With Photoshop® B
·        MS Grade 6 Language Arts/Reading·        Video Communication Fundamentals®
·        MS Grade 7 Language Arts/Reading·        Multimedia Development with Flash®
·        MS Grade 8 Language Arts/Reading·        Web Design with Dreamweaver® A
·        MS Basic Language Arts/Reading Concepts (SPED)·        Web Design with Dreamweaver® B
·        MS Basic Language Arts/Reading Concepts 2 (SPED)Pre-Law – Civic & Economic Thought & Leadership*
·        HS AP English Language and Composition·        Philosophy of Law
·        HS AP English Literature and Composition·        U.S. Constitution
·        HS English 1·        Arizona Politics & Constitutionalism
·        HS English 2·        Great American Leaders
·        HS English 3 – American Literature·        Debating American Constitutionalism
·        HS English 4 – British Literature·        Consent of the Governed
·        HS CP English 4·        Women in Political Thought and Leadership
·        HS Language Arts/Reading Concepts for High School 1·        Capitalism & Great Economic Debates
·        HS Language Arts/Reading Concepts for High School 2·        Intro to Statistics & Quantitative Political Methodology
·        HS English 1 – SPEDPerforming Arts*
·        HS English 2 – SPED·        Intro to Digital Sound
·        HS English 3 – SPED·        Intro to Piano
·        HS English 4 – SPED·        Media Literacy for Musicians
HISTORY AND SOCIAL STUDIES·        Intro to Music Therapy
·        E Kindergarten Social Studies·        Film Scoring and Theatre
·        E Grade 1 Social Studies·        Vocal Performance
·        E Grade 2 Social Studies·        Theory and Composition
·        E Grade 3 Social Studies·        Latin Ethnomusicology Ensembles
·        E Grade 4 Social StudiesBusiness and Entrepreneurship*
·        E Grade 5 Social Studies·        Philosophy of Business
·        MS Grade 6 Social Studies·        Intro to Economics
·        MS Grade 7 Social Studies·        Intro to Accounting
·        MS American History·        Intro to Statistics
·        MS Ancient Civilizations·        Intro to Digital Marketing
·        MS Geography·        Energy and Industrial Progress
·        MS Personal Finance·        Foundations of Entrepreneurship
·        MS Basic Social Studies Concepts·        Foundations of Business Management
·        HS Personal FinancePre-Med – Human Anatomy and Physiology*
·        HS Economics·        Philosophy of Medicine
·        HS AP U.S. History·        Intro to Human Anatomy and Physiology
·        HS AP European History·        Intro to Evolutionary Biology
·        HS AP World History·        Conceptual Approaches to Biology I
·        HS High School Geography·        Conceptual Approaches to Biology II
·        HS U.S. History 1 (1760-1877)·        Molecular Genetics: From Genes to Proteins
·        HS U.S. History 2 (1877-Present)·        Kinesiology: The Mechanics of Motion
·        HS U.S. History A (1877-1940)·        Bio-Informatics
·        HS U.S. History B (1940-Present)Other*
·        HS Epic Moments in World History·        World Religions
·        HS U.S. Government·        Water Management
·        HS World History 1·        Intro to Data Visualization
·        HS World History 2·        Intro to Machine Learning
·        HS Basic Social Studies Concepts for High School (SPED)*In Progress | E – Elementary | MS – Middle School | HS – High School

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