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Join 1000s of Arizona families switching to online school. Our Online Campus gives students and parents more freedom and flexibility to do what you do.
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The Online Advantage

Now Enrolling Grades 7 - 12

Our online campus gives every student a front seat in their class. Imagine having allstar teachers for every subject, not only that, but also being able to pause their lectures, slow down or speed up their instruction, and ask questions whenever you want. It’s kind of like that.
Many students who have struggled with or felt lost on large campuses have flourished in an online setting. If you’re frustrated with traditional school and looking for something different, online learning may be just the right solution.

Choose Between two Convenient Options

AZ Online Junior High School

Online Guided

Freedom Guided

Includes 4 days per week of guided instruction through Williamsburg Learning. Students connect with live teachers M-Th to view lectures, set goals, conquer tasks, and collaborate with peers. Williamsburg Mentors and Freedom Prep Guides facilitate and monitor progress for the ideal blend of freedom, structure, and support. This is our recommended modality for most students grades 7 and up.

AZ Online Elementary School

Online Independent

Freedom Family

If your student prefers working independently and is driven, focused, and disciplined, and if you as a parent can provide focused support, Freedom Family may be a great fit for you. Freedom Family students enjoy the benefits and back-end support of Freedom Online but skip the live classes and weekly connects for great schedule flexibility. This is our recommended modality for independent home schoolers.

Have Questions?

We've Got Answers

My student is struggling and I think a break from traditional school will help, but I’d like them to return in the future. Can I do that?

Yes. Enrollment is fast and easy, and so is transferring. If you need to transfer mid year or only attend for a quarter, we can help.

My son plays football and my daughter is in orchestra. Can we attend Freedom Prep and a district school in the afternoon?

Yes. Arizona students can split their funding between different schools for the best of both worlds. Contact us for details.

We are planning a large vacation in September. Can our kids attend online if we’re traveling outside of Arizona?

Yes. One great feature of our online classes is that you can take them with you. So plan plan that trip, book your flight, and explore the world.

My child completed all of her 7th grade math in 1 semester. Can she continue onto 8th grade?

Yes. Of course! Why walk when you can run? Once you master a skill, just move on to the next — even if it takes you to the next grade level.

Do you offer sports?

While we don’t offer online sports, we have partnered with local clubs and youth organizations to make a variety of sports and activities more accessible.

Do you have art or specials?

Yes. We have partnered with Mesa Arts Center for a wide range of onsite Art classes. For students outside the Mesa area, check out our Freedom Voucher.

How Do I Start?

Apply today, start as soon as tomorrow.
Simply complete a 10 question survey to see if distance learning is right for you. We’ll send you our online admissions application. Fill that out, and we’ll take care of the rest. Keep an eye out for an email from your guide who'll schedule a personal welcome call and get you set up for class.
Let the Freedom begin.​

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