As a public Charter School, Freedom Prep Academy participates in state testing. All students must participate in annual standardized testing under Arizona law. Generally speaking, testing cannot take place within a student’s home or microschool, meaning online students will need to take their test(s) in a pre-assigned location. For convenience, Freedom Prep secures various testing sites throughout the state. Students (or their parents) must select an approved testing site location and then arrive at that location on time and prepared to complete their tests on the day(s) they have been assigned. Parents and Guides have a shared responsibility to help prepare and transport their student(s) to and from their approved testing location.

Understanding Testing

There are four (4) types of tests that students participate in:

  1. Course exams: Course exams such as unit assessments, midterms, and finals assess course-specific knowledge and mastery of subject material. 
  2. Screeners: Screeners identify students who need specialist support or additional learning tools. Teachers and Guides may complete observational screening forms to indicate student needs in areas like vision, hearing, communication, academics, and behavior. Students may complete proctored screening for early literacy skills and dyslexia indicators.
  3. Adaptive benchmark tests: Computer-based adaptive benchmarks such as i-Ready identify learning gaps and inform meaningful decisions about a student’s unique learning path. They also measure student growth and can predict performance on end-of-year state assessments.
  4. Standardized tests: Standardized tests measure student proficiency on grade-level material and enable performance comparisons between a student and their peers. These tests evaluate effectiveness of teachers, curriculum, and intervention programs, and in some cases can impact student promotions to the next grade level. Standardized tests typically happen annually at the end of the school year.
2023 Test Site Locations

The following is a list of 2023 Freedom Prep test site locations. Students must confirm their test site location. Locations, dates, and times are subject to change. Be sure to refer back to this site for the most current locations and times:

Start Time
4450 E Elliott Rd
4/4 – 4/6
9:00 am
1 Legacy Dr
4/3 – 4/6
9:00 am
Litchfield Park
101 W. Wigwam Blvd
4/3 – 4/6
10:30 am
5031 E Retreat Cir
4/4 – 4/6
9:00 am
350 S 3rd Avenue
4/11 – 4/14
10:00 am
204 E Beale St
4/10 – 4/13
8:00 am
Sierra Vista
3020 E Tacoma Street
4/11 – 4/12
9:00 am
Show Low
3030 West Young
4/10 – 4/13
9:00 am
101 N. Stone Ave
10:00 am
Colorado City
50 N Colvin Street
8:30 am
328 N McLane Road
9:00 am
7401 Skoog Blvd
4/12 – 4/14
9:00 am
601 N Berry Avenue
4/10 – 4/13
9:00 am
Lake Havasu City
100 Park Avenue
4/3 – 4/6
9:00 am

For test location questions, email our testing coordinator ja***@fr********.org

Test Preparation

In preparation for end of year testing, ALL students should complete their grade-appropriate practice tests. Click the links below and scroll to the bottom of the page to find sample tests, exemplars and practice tests.

AASA Writing Practice Test (7th and 8th grade) *Note – Complete your writing practice test in a Google Doc and then copy and paste your response in the AASA practice test. Share your Google Doc with na*****@fr********.org

AASA Math and ELA Practice Tests (7th and 8th grade)

AzSci sample tests (8th and 11th grade)

ACT Aspire exemplars (9th grade)

ACT practice tests (11th grade)

Students may also participate in a weekly raffle by emailing a screenshot of their completed practice test to na*****@fr********.org. Winners will receive a coupon code for $30 to our student store! Winners are selected every Friday and will continue until 3/31.

Test Tips

We know testing can be stressful and can cause anxiety, but it is also an opportunity to learn to overcome and develop strength! Encourage your child to take the practice tests and prepare to do their best. In addition to practice tests, ask your student’s teachers or guide how to best prepare for end of the year testing.


What to bring:

  • Chromebook
  • Headphones
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Water
  • Light jacket or sweatshirt
Note: phones, smart watches, and/or music players are not allowed. Please leave them at home or in a backpack outside of the testing center.
Proctor Resources

Proctor Test Prep – Test proctors and administrators should review the Test Administrator To Do List and complete the following tasks prior to test administration:

  1. Complete Test Security and Ethics Training (13 mins) | Click on Achievement Testing > Test Administrator > Launch
  2. Complete Achievement Test Administration Responsibilities Training (19 mins) | Click on Achievement Testing > Test Administrator > Launch
  3. Sign and Return: Proctor/Staff Security Agreement


Additional trainings


Test Administration Manuals and Videos – Prior to each test, proctors should read the scripted testing instructions verbatim (see manuals) or — if available — show a video of the testing instructions (see videos).


Test Administration Sites – Use the following links to start, stop, and pause test sessions:


*If you have any test administration questions, please reach out to Janan at Ja***@fr********.org.

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