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Shutdowns have you thinking homeschool? You're not alone. Since COVID, more parents say they are now considering homeschool.

Studies show students who are homeschooled perform better academically and socially than their peers. Homeschoolers score 30% higher on the SAT. They are less likely use drugs, more likely to attend college, and more likely to start their own business. If you're considering taking charge of your child's learning, let us help.

What Is Freedom Family?

Freedom Family is our Online Independent curriculum made available to homeschoolers. Gain access to over $3,000 of support and resources, including:

200+ courses

70,000 carefully vetted video lectures

Tuttle Twins 10-Book eSeries

Speech to Text & Click to Read software

Virtual Field Trips

Online Support

Caring guides

Freedom Voucher for sports, music, and extracurricular activities

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